Textual thesaurus for "damn"

(adj) damned, darned, deuced, infernal, goddam, goddamn, goddamned, blame, blamed, blasted, blessed

expletives used informally as intensifiers

he's a blasted idiot; it's a blamed shame; a blame cold winter; not a blessed dime; I'll be damned (or blessed or darned or goddamned) if I'll do any such thing; he's a damn (or goddam or goddamned) fool; a deuced idiot; an infernal nuisance

(adj) goddamn

used as expletives

oh, damn (or goddamn)!

(adv) all-fired, bloody


you are bloody right; Why are you so all-fired aggressive?

(noun) tinker's dam, tinker's damn, shit, shucks, red cent, darn, hoot

something of little value

his promise is not worth a damn; not worth one red cent; not worth shucks

(verb) beshrew, bedamn, anathemise, anathemize, imprecate, curse, maledict

wish harm upon; invoke evil upon

The bad witch cursed the child