Textual thesaurus for "proceed"

(verb) go

follow a certain course

The inauguration went well; how did your interview go?

(verb) carry on, go on, continue

continue talking

I know it's hard, he continued, but there is no choice; carry on--pretend we are not in the room

(verb) continue, go forward

move ahead; travel onward in time or space

We proceeded towards Washington; She continued in the direction of the hills; We are moving ahead in time now

(verb) move, go

follow a procedure or take a course

We should go farther in this matter; She went through a lot of trouble; go about the world in a certain manner; Messages must go through diplomatic channels

(verb) continue, keep, go along, go on

continue a certain state, condition, or activity

Keep on working!; We continued to work into the night; Keep smiling; We went on working until well past midnight