Textual thesaurus for "swallow"

(noun) drink, deglutition

the act of swallowing

one swallow of the liquid was enough; he took a drink of his beer and smacked his lips

(noun) sup

a small amount of liquid food

a sup of ale

(verb) live with, accept

tolerate or accommodate oneself to

I shall have to accept these unpleasant working conditions; I swallowed the insult; She has learned to live with her husband's little idiosyncrasies

(verb) unsay, withdraw, take back

take back what one has said

He swallowed his words

(verb) get down

pass through the esophagus as part of eating or drinking

Swallow the raw fish--it won't kill you!

(verb) eat up, bury, immerse, swallow up

enclose or envelop completely, as if by swallowing

The huge waves swallowed the small boat and it sank shortly thereafter